Do you ever wonder what is down that lonely, over-grown unmarked road that sits at the edge of a large, secluded woods? Think about what exactly is to be found inside the creepy old boarded-up mansion that gives you goosebumps looking at it everytime you drive by? Do you stop to ponder if that legend about the ghost that haunts the old bridge, or if the rumors about the weird homeless guy who runs around acting like a chicken all day, are valid and true? Not many people take the time to ever notice the many mysteries and utterly strange things that surround us. I and my close circle of friends, on the other hand, share an immense interest in the abandoned houses, deserted ghost towns, bizarre local characters, age-old legends, and general oddities that my home state of Pennsylvania has to offer - which by any account, is a whole damn lot! I never knew that many other people cared for such off-kilter subjects and topics, that is, until I ran into the mighty juggernaut of "odd", known as Weird NJ.

After reading the awesome magazine and checking out the great website that Weird NJ has to offer, I contacted the editors of said masterpiece, and they convinced me to make my own magazine/website about all of the creepy, eerie locations and stories that I possessed dealing with my own area. Well, here it is - ta, da! Weird PA, A.K.A. Tri-State Oddities.

Weird PA deals with abandoned/deserted houses, buildings, schools, towns, etc, odd people and places, legends and ghost stories, and anything else strange and/or noteworthy in the south eastern Pennsylvania (the place I call home) area, as well as the small wonder, Delaware, and the mighty center of absolute oddities known as South Jersey. (Which has been mysteriously left alone by Weird NJ for some unknown reason...) Being that a recent study showed PA to be the state with the most abandoned houses located within its hallowed walls, as well as little DE coming in at runner-up in 2nd place, and good old New Jersey sitting tight at third, there is quite an abundance of deserted places to explore by far! The Ton Hunters section explains what exactly the group of weirdos and lunatics that make up the explorers who presented the material on this site and the Weird PA magazine are all about. Check out the Top 10 (+ 1) to see the 11 freakiest abandoned places in PA, take a peak at Tri-State Oddities to view a bunch of cool and odd locations in PA, DE and South NJ, and lastly, but not leastly, go to the Weird Links if you have a craving for more truly strange material to enjoy!

This website is just a small glimpse of the catalouge-sized 78 page magazine that I recently fnished also named "Weird PA, A.K.A. Tri-State Oddities", which is available to anyone interested for the price of $4 (so I simply break even with the shipping and copying costs) - please email me at: for info on acquiring a copy. The magazine explores the Top 11 locations in much more detail (With numerous pictures instead of one or two and pages of text instead of just a paragraph) as well as the places covered in Tri-State Oddities, along with many others not shown in this site, all of which are discussed and shown in maximum coverage. I have had great feedback all around so far with the magazine, so I hope that that continues and no one ends up being dissapointed. This site was just recently created by webmaster, computer guru and fellow Ton Hunter, Mike C, so give him the props for finally doing what I had originally planned to accomplish almost three years ago.

Any stories, suggestions, questions, comments or inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at, and I will get back to you ASAP - and please check out the magazine, the site is just a teaser for it. And always remember to STAY WEIRD!!!!!!!


  • The awesome "eye monster" drawing on this website is courtesy of Beau Balon, oddity extraordinaire and way-competent artist, check out his site which is listed on the weird links page

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